Free will and death

I like Erin, she’s in touch with her Self. Not just herself, but her Self, the connection she has to that timeless, spiritual part of herself. Not everyone is here on this planet to touch themselves that way, but it’s refreshing to see some who are.

“What happens when we die?”, she asks. The answer is that free will applies even in the after life as it does in this life.

Everyone has the ability to choose the course of their life and the events in it, as well as choosing how they physically die. They also have the ability to choose the kind of after life they want to have, as well as whether or not they come back here to have another shot at life.

And they have the ability to choose the ending of their existence. If they choose this, then their energy returns to the energy of God, or All That Is.

Why would they choose non-existence?

Remember when I said earlier on that people develop a spiritual amnesia when they’re born? You forget why you’re here, and you forget the spiritual reality that you come from. You forget there’s more beyond this physical existence. Many people go through their entire lives believing so strongly in the non-existence of life after death that when they eventually die, they completely cease to exist as a being and return to the energy of the universe.

From dust to dust, ashes to ashes…

They don’t need to do this, if they let themselves at least be open to the possibility of life after death. Then they can be shown that their existence can continue, even after death, and they get more choices. There are beings out there in ‘the after life’ who help people see that their existence can continue. But they need to have the ‘non-believer’ be open enough to hang around a bit for a chat, to have this shown to them.

If you die and believe there’s no after life, be open to the possibility there is. It avoids the absolute ending of your existence, and allows you to go on, in whatever fashion you choose. We’d rather you choose to exist than to choose not to exist, but as always, the choice is ultimately yours.


One Response to Free will and death

  1. Greg Long says:

    I am very happy to know that I have the right to choose how I die.

    I choose to die after ten thousand billion trillion zillion years. My choice of cause of death is slipping on a banana skin at the north pole whilst reading a curent copy of the Angelblogger.

    Thanks. I have few years before I need to write my Will.

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