Invoking Jesus and God

Erin understands the power of invoking Jesus and God:

I do believe that Jesus existed and that he was a man of exceptionally high awareness and vibration level. He was an Enlightened One. An angelic being of the highest order. There is no doubt in my mind why he chose to incarnate on Earth. Calling upon his energy and protection doesn’t seem remotely religious to me. It’s spiritual. Same with God. When I call out to God I am calling out to Source.

Everything in the universe is a part of God, and as part of Him, every person can access the God-energy for their own protection. All you need to do is ask.

When you get practiced at asking, you end up realising that you already have the protection if you want it, automatically. It doesn’t need to be something that is switched off when it’s not used, and switched back on when you ask for it. If you hold it in your mind and believe in it, then it’s always there.

And as Erin also says, it doesn’t matter what name you give the energy, whether it’s “God, Goddess, Jesus, Krishna,” or Allah, etc, the very act of invoking a name that is familar to you, that carries the power of your God, is enough to give you the spiritual protection you need.


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